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The sheer joy and satisfaction of volunteering at a school or orphanage.Tutoring, mentoring, caring, playing, loving.
Alter your perspective and understanding about the world. An experience that will change you forever.
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Imagining - changing many lives forever
Helping to support a poor child's education or an orphan. Empower them for a future life with possibilities. Helping to support an orphan child. Provide dignity, safety, medical care, an education and loving environment. Change their life forever.
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Donate India orphan handicappedWe have seen it, felt it. Connected with the founder, Selvyn Roy.

Supporting orphans with dignity and educational empowerment.

Prema Vasam is an orphanage that welcomes special (physically and mentally handicapped) and orphan children off the streets and provides them with a safe and loving atmosphere in which to grow and prosper.

About the location

Prema Vasam is located in the village of Manjampadi, which is in the outskirts of Chennai City, India. Manjampadi is a fertile land, and most of the people that live here are farmers.

Chennai is a city like many others in India, which includes the affluent and the extremely poor. Cities all over India are growing and thriving, evidenced by the beautiful high rise office buildings, residences and hotels. But right next to a shiny new building can be a slum, an open Sponsor orphan children Indiagarbage dump and flimsy shacks that people call home. India has come a long way in their economic development and democracy, but there a wide gap between those who have benefited and those who have not. Chennai is no exception. It is in this thriving city where you can find many homeless children living on the streets.

Who the organization serves

Currently Prema Vasam is home more than 200 children, half which are handicapped and half which attend school. Eight young adults are attending higher educational institutions. Prema Vasam was founded in 2005 by Clinical Psychologist Selvyn Roy. Selvyn lives at Prema Vasam and is tireless in his devotion to the children and staff. These children come from the streets of Chennai and surrounding areas, where they were abandoned by caretakers or orphaned. Without the existence of Prema Vasam these children would be left to a criminal life of theft and prostitution on the streets of Chennai. Handicapped children are often left on the street to die, as many families are so poor that they cannot attend toIndia affordable volunteer vacation orphans the specific needs of a handicapped child and feel their family’s meager resources need to be focused on healthy children. Without support handicapped children would not survive and would die without proper medical care.

Short term benefits of assistance

Children receive a clean and safe place to live, medical care, clothing, food and the opportunity to attend school. Not only are their basic needs met, they are showered with love and attention.

In supporting the handicapped children, they are given medical care and physical therapy, which ease the pain and suffering related to their condition. The special children do not attend school but have reading, play and craft time each day. Most of these children will not survive past the age of 20, but living at Prema Vasam provides them with dignity and a caring, safe and clean Donate orphans India empowermentenvironment to live in comfort and peace.

All the other children do attend school, which will allow them to eventually learn a trade or go on to a higher learning institution and gain a professional career. This is educational empowerment and support of orphans in action.

Long term benefits of assistance

Because Prema Vasam cares for physical needs, provides educational opportunities and a nurturing environment, children have a safe environment and gain confidence. They become empowered to create their own productive, enjoyable and independent lives. The cycle of poverty and negative effects of lack of education will be broken, and hope for a better future is within their reach. The love and compassionate support they receive from the staff and volunteers also provides the children with the nurturing they need to grow into emotionally healthy adults.

Indra shines

An example is one of the girls, Indra, who recently graduated with a B. SC. in Computer Science with Distinction and is now earning her Master's Degree.

Indra contracted polio when she was a young child and is confined to a wheel chair, but when meeting her it is her smile

Support educational empowerment India

and radiance that one remembers. Indra was the first child accepted at Prema Vasam many years ago and she has grown into a beautiful young woman inside and out. Click here for Indra's story, as told by Sevlyn Roy.

A beautiful example of empowered youth giving back to their own community

Indra has organized a tutoring program for poor children in the villages surrounding Prema Vasam. She and eight other young women from the orphanage work with local children in the evenings helping with homework, teaching English and encouraging their studies.

Contribution Opportunities

Prema Vasam is needs donations for:

  • Supporting a child at the orphanage

The contribution is $300 per year to cover the expenses of either a school going or special child.

  • Supporting the orphan college fund for $75 or $100 or more.

  • Volunteer handicapped India orphanage

    Funding for a vehicle for Prem Boys home.

Cost of vehicle is $16,000. There is currently no vehicle for the boys’ home and they use take rickshaws and taxis for school, shopping and emergencies. Any contribution is welcome.

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Volunteer opportunities:

  • Tutoring in various subjects and teaching English – support education, empowerment through knowledge and confidence, bonding, support

  • Helping to take care of the children before and after school - nurturing, bonding, mentoring, providing basic needs

  • Plan and participate in outings – support cultural experiences, athletic events, tours and travel to expand the children’s horizons, empower through new experiences, enjoyment, bonding

  • Physical therapy – basic therapy such as moving limbs and massaging and talking to handicapped children. Feeding the handicapped children who are unable to feed themselves

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