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Panetiere Partners


Children not able to attend school or to break the cycle of poverty. Not able to improve their lives because the family is too poor. Too poor to buy uniforms, school supplies, books. So poor they need to put the children to work at a young age to help support the family.
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Imagining - AIDS stigma
A child's parents die of AIDS. No family members will take them in due to the stigma. Or, a child's parents are ill or alcoholic or extremely poor. These children live on the street.
Panetiere Partners - empowering through education
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Panetiére Partners is engaged in an awareness campaign for American youth, encouraging them to be cross-culturally aware and helping them become citizens of the world and future volunteers.

Our mission is to transform the lives of underserved children through supporting and promoting local education, health and environmental initiatives.

Our "partners" are small organizations who are already serving under privileged children but who need financial and volunteer support to remain viable for the long term.

Our partners

The partners which we currently support include an orphanage for handicapped and school-going children in India (Prema Vasam Orphanage) and a poor girl’s high school in India (St. Xavier's Girls High School). We will be adding a partner in the United States soon.

When human beings are provided with safety, care, education, a healthy environment, and training they are empowered to improve their lives and eventually make a positive contribution in their own communities and the world at large.

We make it easy for you to make a difference by supporting one child’s life. It is simple: an education, good nutrition, love and care empower poor and discarded children to live healthy, productive and enjoyable lives. Training and educational programs empower poor girls to become self sufficient and confident.

Why are we different?

We are small. Our staff works for free and our overhead is minimal. We know exactly where the donations we raise for orphans and poor girls are used – we are intimately involved with every organization we support and there is no middle layer between us and them. Our volunteer vacations and internships are personalized and affordable.

How can you help?

Help us engage American youth

Give us ideas where we can make presentations with our slide show and encourage American children and youth to become interested in the lives of their counterparts in Third World Countries. They can become pen pals, make donations, plan a volunteer trip.


Donations for poor girls and orphans provide basic needs, physical therapy, a home and access to education and training to break the cycle of poverty and despair. We believe that the recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. You can make a huge difference in the life of a poor or abandoned child.


Efforts from our volunteer vacationers and interns provide hands on support to our partners and an opportunity for you to have a meaningful vacation and enjoy the powerful effects that volunteering can bring to your heart and life.

Volunteer vacations are taking off in this challenging economic environment as more and more people want to give back and feel like they have the power to do something good in difficult times. The power of volunteerism begins here!

Panetiere Partners is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) in the USA.

Panetiere Partners has no political or religious affiliations.

Panetiere Partners operations are always aligned with our Mission, Values and Vision.

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The Story of Nathiya and Soundhria

They insisted
on staying together.

Contribute India girls poor educationThey are not blood sisters.
But have bonded as sisters.
Found by a social worker.

Nathiya and Soundhria.
Working in the fields.
They were not attending school.
Now they are 11th graders at St. Xavier’s School.

Seventy mattresses hit the floor at 8PM.
Nathiya and Soundhria and 68 other girls living in the hostel.
Orphaned, from very poor families or from far away villages.
Living at the school hostel so they can attend school.

Breaking the cycle of poverty.
Through education, loving care, guidance.

Nathiya and Soundhria.
At the top of their class.
Always wearing wide and glorious smiles.

They still have each other.
But now, also, a future, empowered by education.
By opportunity.

They give back.
Tutoring, mentoring, and supporting other girls.
Intelligent and caring.

Future leaders in training.

Nathiya and Soundhria.
Headed to the University.
But there are no funds to pay the fees.

They need generous donations.
Becoming empowered to live fruitful lives.
Giving back to their own communities. Benefiting the world at large.




The Story of Jane

I am Jane’s mother.
I was a prostitute.
I died of AIDS.

Donate India orphanage

My husband died of AIDS last year.
I just died three days ago.

Our daughter Jane is 8 years old.
Nowhere to go.

My family will not take care of Jane.
Nobody will touch a child whose parents had AIDS.
Not even relatives.

A family friend intervened before she ended up on the streets.
Took her to the orphanage.
She was warmly received by the staff and the other children.

I am watching her today.
She is sitting with other children watching a skit.
She has been at the orphanage for two days.

A child is holding her hand.
Another child is stroking her arm.
She looks lost.

The other children seemed to understand her fear and sadness.

I see children in orphanages tend to stick together.
Support each other.
Just today I watched them at lunch and they were sharing their food.
Leading Jane around by the hand, showing her the ropes.

I am grateful.
Jane has the potential for a great life.
She will be educated, physically cared for.
She will be provided with love and affection.
She will be safe.

She now has sisters and brothers.

She will either learn a trade or go to University.

How can the orphanage survive?
Pay all the expenses for Jane and her new brothers and sisters?
Be in the position to accept the next “Jane” who arrives at the doorstep?

I sure hope that Jane’s new home will be able to raise enough money to continue.
To survive.
To give my daughter and others like her a life that I never had.